Why Action for Bhopal?

Our aims

  1. We aim to raise awareness of the damage to health and livelihood still endured by the people of Bhopal inherited from the Union Carbide pesticide plant after more than three decades, especially regarding the dangerous toxicity of the water supply.
  2. We aim to highlight to investors and fundholders that Dow Inc., DuPont and Corteva Agriscience, the successor companies to Union Carbide Corporation cannot currently be considered by investors to be in accord with principles of ethical, environmental and social governance, until such time as they have addressed their environmental liabilities, past and present.
  3. We aim to investigate by what means the Bhopal site can be cleared and the water supply made safe.

Our approach

  1. We enlist the support of individuals and organisations to influence the companies to make a new start, after their recent restructuring, by putting these principles of corporate responsibility into practice.
  2. We help to raise awareness of the ongoing suffering and injustice in Bhopal.

How you can help

Illustration of a video camera

Arrange a film screening

Raise awareness of the injustice that is happening in Bhopal

Illustration of pencil and paper

Send a letter to Dow Inc.

Get the message to those who could help to make a change

After more than 3 decades the poisoning of Bhopal still goes on

Learn about the disaster