Why Action for Bhopal?

Our aim

We aim to raise awareness of the aftermath of the massive leak of poisons into the air, soil and water around the former Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) pesticide plant in Bhopal, India since 1984; to press all stakeholders, especially Dow Inc., present-day successors of UCC, to clean up the toxic soil and water.

Our approach

  1. We welcome the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation from the Business Roundtable, of which Jim Fitterling, CEO of Dow is a board member. We urge Dow to observe its principles, especially those relating to the wellbeing of employees, the community and the environment, by cleansing the contaminated land and water surrounding the derelict works abandoned by its predecessor, the Union Carbide Corporation.
  2. We encourage individuals and organisations, especially investors and potential investors to divest from, or refrain from investing in Dow Inc. unless and until they take action to ensure the human right to clean water of people living in Bhopal.
  3. We encourage organisations promoting care for the environment and human rights to include remedying the toxic legacy of Bhopal in their concerns.

How you can help

Illustration of a video camera

Arrange a film screening

Raise awareness of the injustice that is happening in Bhopal

Illustration of pencil and paper

Send a letter to Dow Inc.

Get the message to those who could help to make a change

After more than 3 decades the poisoning of Bhopal still goes on

Learn about the disaster