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Help us contact Dow Inc. and urge them to support a clean-up in Bhopal. You can use the one we have drafted below, or even write one in your own words.

Your letter will add support to one our Trustees sent to the CEO of Dow Chemical. In it, we set out ideas about possible approaches to restoring Bhopal.

You can send your letter to or even better, send a paper copy to the following address:

Mr. J Fitterling, CEO
Dow Inc.
627- 693 Washington St.
MI 48640
United States

Dear Mr Fitterling,

I am writing to support letters sent to you by Action for Bhopal - an independent group working towards a clean-up of the contaminated area of Bhopal affected by the Union Carbide (Dow Chemical, now Dow Inc.) site.

The suffering of the people of Bhopal should not be allowed to continue into yet another generation. The water contamination in the area, resulting from toxic residues left in the soil and water round the abandoned pesticide plant, is spreading. For many years now it has led to severe and debilitating birth defects in children and chronic and mortal sickness the surrounding population. There is an urgent and pressing need for a clean-up of the site. Your company's restructure provides a unique opportunity to put this right.

Since Dow Inc. is well known to be the successor to the Union Carbide Corporation, which established the factory, we hope that you will show good corporate governance in your obligation to the local community in Bhopal, by restoring their environment by clearing the site.

We aware that this is a huge endeavour. However, Dow Inc., the successor group of companies, have ample resources to fund it. We believe that financial support for a clean-up in Bhopal would also offer your company the chance to make a new start and rebuild its reputation among the people with whom it works, as well as among its potential customers. This is particularly crucial at this time when the world is having to reckon with the environmental destructiveness of its industries.

I therefore hope that you will accept the invitation to make this a priority and discuss it with both your directors and shareholders, with a view to definite action.

Yours faithfully,

After more than 3 decades the poisoning of Bhopal still goes on

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