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Martin Wright

Martin Wright has been an early proponent of restorative justice and community mediation. He was a founder member of the Restorative Justice Council and the European Forum for Restorative Justice. Previously he was director of the Howard League for Penal Reform and policy officer of Victim Support. He has experience of community mediation, and has spoken at international conferences. His books include Justice for Victims and Offenders (2nd ed. 1996) and Restoring respect for justice (2nd ed. 2008).

Annie Murray

Annie Murray is a writer and a volunteer fundraiser for the Bhopal Medical Appeal. She has recently written a novel, Mother and Child, to be published in 2019, close to the 35th anniversary of the gas leak in Bhopal, the proceeds of which will go to the charity. She is a trustee and founder member of Action for Bhopal.

Alick Munro

Alick Munro is a recently retired GP living in Twickenham. He has served on Quaker World Relations Committee. He is concerned to see the world develop in a sustainable and egalitarian way. He is very aware that this will involve a transfer of wealth and technology to tropical countries and continuing effort to improve justice and democracy everywhere. Particular interests also include Quaker Congo Partnership, and efforts to involve Friends and non-Friends in shared discussion of weighty topics.

Katy Cheney

Katy is a corporate engagement and advocacy specialist with extensive experience influencing organisations to achieve impact for beneficiaries. Katy is currently leading a new department at SPANA, developing and improving the charity's global operations, performance and impact. Katy is a programme manager by background and has worked across a range of issues including health and welfare improvements environmental impact and ethical procurement. Katy has worked in the animal welfare sector for over 10 years holding positions at Compassion in World Farming, where she led the corporate engagement programme, and World Animal Protection, where she developed programme operations and external engagement.

Executive Committee

Martin Lloyd (Technical Advisor)

Martin Lloyd is a scientist/engineer with an international practice in gas detection, safety-related systems, and environmental monitoring. He has had a leading role in authoring national and European standards in these disciplines. He is a trustee of Quaker Bolivia Link, a sustainable development charity.

Website and comms

Katy Murray

Katy has been working in the charity sector for over five years, specialising in communications. She has spent over three of those years at NPC, a charity dedicated to creating an impactful voluntary sector through support, consultancy, research and policy change. As well as her work there, she is a volunteer for the Choir With No Name, a choir for people affected by homelessness and other forms of marginalisation. For Action for Bhopal she has provided support on brand, design and social media. She has a first class degree from UCL.

Sam Murray

Sam helps Action for Bhopal make the most of digital technology. He has worked as a technologist for the last eight years, helping organisations use technology for a wide variety of applications, including engagment with the arts and museums, and aiding genetic research. He has voluntary charity experience as a befriender with Samaritans and assisting NGOs with technology in Tanzania.

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