The Bhopal Disaster

Soon after midnight on December 3rd 1984, a highly toxic gas leaked from a Union Carbide pesticide factory in Northern Bhopal.

Locals fled their homes, choked, blinded. By the following day the streets were lined with corpses.

27 tonnes of leaked toxic gas6 factory safety systems failed0.5 million people exposed to the gas~10,000 people died in the first 72 hours

The Bhopal disaster shocked the world. But more than three decades on, the catastrophe continues. Thousands of survivors still suffer the after-effects of gas poisoning. The damage has been passed on in to their children through cancers and malformations.

And the gas leak was not the only source. For years even before the catastrophic gas leak, toxic waste had been dumped on the site and in nearby solar evaporation ponds, poisoning the water supply.

An estimated 100,000 accessing contaminated water5km contamination radius150,000 chronically ill survivors25,000 dead as a result of gas exposure

Today, water pumps in the area are tied shut: the water is too dangerous to drink. The results to health remain devastating – birth deformities, disabilities, severe and chronic illnesses. And the water contamination has spread. Evidence of toxicity has been found up to 5km away.

Affected communities are still fighting for the basic right to clean water. Bhopal still waits for justice.

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